The Mozilla Festival (#MozFest) is an annual gathering of passionate thinkers and inventors from around the world who meet to learn from each other and help forge the future of the web.

  • A collaborative festival for catalysts, change agents, technologists and creators.
  • We’re a global community that feels the web can do more, and do better.
  • MozFest is 3 days of productive skill-sharing through hands-on sessions.
  • Build shared, viable solutions for journalism, science, education and more.
  • Catalysts

    Mentoring, change agents and web literacy are a key focus of this year’s Mozilla Festival.

    Bring your expertise, ideas and enthusiasm to MozFest and help grow a global movement for fostering web literacy around the world.

    Connect with colleagues and makers to refine your projects, further your goals, and share resources. Learn how projects like Webmaker, Open Badges and others are rewarding achievement and unlocking the web’s full learning potential.

  • Makers

    Mozilla Festival opens up a world of ideas, activities and opportunities for webmakers.

    Pick up skills to bring webmaking into your community and make new projects that help others do the same.

    Empower digital creators with exciting activities, learn-as-you-make resources, mentor networks and more. Mozilla partners like the Hive Learning Networks, Open News, Science Lab, Open Art and more will be on hand to teach, share and create with you.


  • Build and Teach the Web

    Keep the web wild through hands-on making with innovative tools and teaching the web as a community.

    Let’s build and teach the web together. From remixing public archives to mashing hip hop with politics, and from hacking on web-native storytelling tools to knitting projects that teach digital literacies, we’ll inspire, share and empower. Get your feet wet by programming your first webpage, browse our art galleries, play with the Green Screen and help others with with their making “to dos” on the Massive Scrum Board.

  • Make the Web Physical

    Escape the limitations of your computer and build the web using sensors, circuits and good old paper and scissors.

    Build the web with your bare hands and connect it to the world. Invent new methods of communicating with the web using tools like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and sensors. Explore how high-tech possibilities such as 3D printing and laser cutting and low-tech solutions like origami and simple circuits can link the world to the web in new and unexpected ways.

  • Open Games: Ready, Set, Go!

    Play, imagine and create the next generation of games with innovative makers who are re-inventing the web as a platform for open games.

    The open web is quickly transforming gaming. Join industry leaders, indie developers, youth and the Mozilla community to envision the next evolution of gaming, write an open games manifesto and – of course – make games!

  • Look Who’s Watching

    Learn who follows your data trail. Friends, corporations, criminals and law enforcement: who has access and is this ok?

    Online privacy is one of the biggest issues facing the web. Use innovative tools and visualizations to see how your data is exposed. Learn how to control who can see what you do online. Discuss how to raise awareness and design long-term solutions to the complex issue of online privacy.

  • Skills and Badges

    Challenge the conventional system of recognizing skills and learning.

    Open Badges is a new system for credentialing and accreditation that makes it possible for learners everywhere to get recognition for lifelong learning of all kinds through digital badges, and then collect and share those badges across the Web for real results like jobs. Earn badges at MozFest, help design new badges, engage in creating learning pathways and future gaze with us to imagine the possibilities.

  • Source Code for Journalism

    Design next-generation web solutions to solve critical issues facing news organizations and help journalism thrive on the open web.

    Join us in hacking on new ideas for journalism on the web. Through discussions, hands-on making, and wire framing, we’ll explore new ways to visualize data, present stories, and foster connections between people interested in harnessing the power of the web to create great journalism.

  • Webmaking for Mobile

    Explore opportunities in the booming world of the open web on mobile. How can we experiment & tinker to customize our own phones?

    Phones built with HTML5 and other open web standards are liberating users from the rules and restrictions of existing proprietary platforms. What can we do with this newfound freedom? Investigate the possibilities of touch interaction, connectivity and sensors in your device.

  • Connect Your City

    Kickstart the creation of interactive tools for connected learning and help people explore, make and share.

    Put connected learning into action with members of the Hive Global Learning Network and develop engaging, interactive experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible with digital making. Discover how collaborative networks in major international cities are working across disciplines to strengthen communities and foster engaging and relevant opportunities for youth.

  • Science and the Web

    Examine the potential of the open web to re-define how we experiment, analyze and share scientific knowledge.

    The open web is changing the way scientists explore, experiment and build on others’ research. Imagine what we can accomplish with collaborative tools, open content and partnerships between science and tech. Meet with other inquisitive minds to explore what can be done and share your results.

  • Open Data for the Open Web

    Uncover the data on the web and in our world that will help us better inform and organize our communities.

    Join civic hackers, government workers, data activists, journalists, and more to collaborate on accessing, managing, and creating with data. Through hands-on sessions and active discussions, we’ll liberate and visualize data, and create concrete plans for how to make data better for our communities.

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